Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Project #1

Remember this?:
An easy little project for our patio table!
A ball jar, the top of a solar pathway light, a piece of plexiglass and some superglue.

Pretty neato huh?  Luckily, Paul had some plexiglass in the garage.  You know, just on hand in case he needed it.  He cut out the circles for me with a jig saw.  For those who don't have this handy guy, I think you could use thinner plastic and cut it with an exacto knife or sturdy scissors.  The solar lights were $3 at Target.  I had the Ball jars in the basement from doing some canning several years ago. 
And, since I dropped the ball on my DIY start-your-own-seeds this year, my sister-in-law Anita gave me some of her tomato plants to bring home from Virginia (thanks Anita!):

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