Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doodlebug attire

Look at this cute work-in-progress:
And here are a few more views with me trying to work the camera to get an accurate picture of the color:

The last one is the most accurate.  Raspberry.  But is used the flash and I hate using the flash.  It washed out the cable detail and there is a big flash reflection.  Some day I will actually sit down with the book I have and figure out how to work this camera.  But not today.

So, this is Milo , an adorable vest that has 4 different cable options.  It is knit top-down so it is easy easy easy!  And pretty quick too - even Paul commented that it seemed like I had just started and I'm almost finished.  I'm making it for a little friend of mine for her birthday.  I decided to use cotton (Cascade Pima Cotton) so she can wear it for a few seasons -- as long as she doesn't outgrow it...

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