Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Roundup

Welcome to NaBloPoMo!  A month of blog posts from your favorite blogger.....
So, it's April 1st.  What a nice, pretty morning....

Buds on the tree!
Now?  !#$%-ing snow!

In case you can't see the snow in the
above picture, here is a snowflake.
I'm just really, really ready for no. more. snow.
What a fun Easter weekend we had!
I made lots of bread....Two big loaves to make my Overnight French Toast Bake:
 Apparently I only needed about 3/4 of one loaf, so there is a lot left over! The recipe calls for a berry sauce/topping which I didn't make since we were going to have fruit salad anyway.  The recipe was very easy and making it the night before is very handy.

Then I made a bunch of iced/decorated breads like this:
I gave these away to family members, who thought it was yummy.

We had a nice brunch at my sister's house, inluding my very yummy french toast:
I only got a picture of the leftovers - I forgot to take a nice just-from-the-oven picture!

And my sister made Banana Pudding (among other things!):
 She and my three nephews also made some very cool decorated eggs:
 If you look carefully, you can see the one with the face that Matthew made and my sister was trying to hide!
The trip to Connecticut included some knitting of my Bloody Mary Cardigan in the car:
And I got this far on the right front:
More on that yellow background tomorrow!

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  1. Your bread was stupendous, Lizzy - worker bees at my job also loved it :).... LOVED. LOVED. LOVED your French toast ...deeeee-lish !!! Our brunch and talk talk talk for 4 hours was so much fun that my evening work was made much more tolerable.
    LOL still laughing at the photo with the hidden "Matthew egg- face" ( egg-face can NOT be hidden ! LOL )
    Thanks for the memories ( sounds like a song, huh?)