Monday, April 15, 2013


We are so sad. Again.  Our kitty Phoebe died yesterday...
Seems like we were just getting used to our dog Mandy not being around.  Now we're starting over with Phoebe being gone.  She died while we were away for the weekend.  My friend Jana, who was checking in on her to give her medicine, found her peacefully (we hope) asleep in her spot in the sunny windowsill.   That's the most that we'll know about why/how she died.  Except that she was pretty old (she would have been 16 this August).  And Jana so nicely and bravely made her a nice resting spot until we could get home and bring her to the vet.  She was a sweet cat and we will miss her a lot.


  1. Oh thats terrible, sorry about Phoebe she must have had a good life 16 wow! That was from good caring. Thoughts are with you. Sorry for yours and Paul's loss

  2. Oh. my. gosh.
    I am sooooo sorry--I can relate much more to losing cats than dogs although I know each is a family member
    You know you could not have had anyone better checking in on Phoebe than Jana--and no one else would have put her in a "nice" resting place until you got home except Jana
    Most people would leave a cat for the weekend without even having someone check in on the cat--You did everything you possibly could--and 16 is a great age for a cat!
    Again--so sorry joan

  3. Liz, I am so sorry for your loss. Phoebe had a wonderful home with you and was a sweet companion. There's never enough time with pets but I hope you are comforted by the fact that you had nearly 16 years with her. My sympathies.