Sunday, April 28, 2013

Travelling Socks Take 2: Return to Sender (and Part 2)

The start of my travelling socks hit a small blip:

My toes got sent back to me from Oregon!  Apparently, the address I was given had a small mistake so it couldn't get delivered.  I contacted the recipient and she corrected the address so my toes will be back in the mail to her tomorrow.

Along with part 2 of the round robin!
Left sock shows pattern on the top of the foot.
Right sock shows stockinette on bottom of the foot.
These are my friend Lisa's socks.  I put a little basket-weave-y type pattern on them and knitted for two inches.  I just have to weave in my ends and put the socks on waste yarn and they will go to my newly corrected Oregon address with the toes from my socks.  Then I will wait for the next pair to come from Lisa.  So far, so cool.

And here is my attempt to get a picture of the red winged black bird that was sitting on the shed.  Through the glass.  And the screen door.  Ha!

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