Monday, April 8, 2013

Ice Cream and Drag Racing (a natural combination)

It's that time of year....
Today was the spring meeting for the Northeast Chapter of the Buick Club.  Which means drag racing season is beginning! We drove down to Chappequa, NY - no, we didn't see Bill and Hillary - where the meeting was being held.   Lots of chatting and catching up about who did what with their cars over the winter, who is ready for racing and when will they be taking them out to the track.  I mostly just listened.  Then it was time to get down to the business of the meeting - re-electing officers and talking about club-sponsored drag racing events.  So we took our seats near the front and I got out my knitting.   A veiw of the room from my seat:
 This here is the group of officers for the club:
As Doug (the tall guy in the black shirt) called the meeting to order, the first thing he said was, "We have just one rule for this meeting and that is that there will be absolutely no knitting."  Ha!  If you look very carefully in the first picture, on the right hand side, you will see another woman knitting.  And, although you can't see them, and in case you were wondering, there were actually three other women there amongst the 65 men.

Then we all shared three, mile-long subs.  More yammering talking intelligently about cars and car parts, like this intake thing that Paul's friend Rob made:
That's Rob in the yellow sweatshirt.
FYI, you don't need a carburetor with this one.  In case you were wondering.  Then looking at said cars in the parking lot.  Then watching some of the said cars be put on the lifts so we could look at the underside parts.  THEN, the best part.... leaving to go to Red Rooster for ice cream!!!!!
Wait.  That came out wrong.  I wasn't trying to say that the best part was leaving the meeting.  I was just really happy to have ice cream for the first time this season!  With sprinkles!  It was so yummy.

Made progress on my Light Speed shawl during the meeting and the drive:
Finally, here is the pond when we left our house:
And here it is when we got home:
Yay! No more ice!!!!!
Complete with our mallard couple who visit every spring:
Next post: My other exciting weekend activity - a visit to my mom!


  1. I'm guessing the arrival of the Mallards is a true sign of spring?
    I looked at the Lightspeed pattern shawl on Ravelry and wondered if you noticed there's a picture of a very cute little dog wearing one..!
    the color change looks hard to me...not that I've ever done that, but my brain is all "it looks hard". So I can't wait for a close up of yours, esp the color change part, I really like the color combo you are doing for yours.
    Lv K

  2. Spring horray about time!
    No knitting seriously, he was funny