Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The View from Here and There

The view from my computer the other night:

The view of the buds:
The view of the wildlife:

The view during the drive home from Chappequa:
The view of the last of the ice on the pond:

The view from my walk with the doodlebugs on a beautiful, warm spring day:

(forgot to take one of the pond and the ducks)
The view from our bedroom of this gaggle (right?) of turkeys, inluding a Tom:
(yes, I realize you can't see them, but they are there and I was startled to see them all... Tom's tailfeathers all puffed up.)

And, finally, the view of last night's dessert with my friend Jana:


  1. The wild turkeys are getting quite brazen around here, Lizzy - I was worried they'd come up on the deck yesterday !!!...think they were after that wasted milkshake I thru over the railing while you were here hahahahaha :). You've got some beauteous views from your house : good reason NOT to have lots of trees up near your abode :).
    Tantalizing photo of your walk with the doodlebugs..there sooooo cute, but understand the privacy issue. Deserts look scrumptious !!!! :)..xo, me

  2. very very nice pictures! your property is beautiful, so nice looking out at water and nature.

    Just started a blue sweater for my son always nervous with something that has to fit someone, why I usually stick with shawls and scarves
    will see :)

  3. You had a busy weekend with road trips! Nice photos to document your days and nights. Dessert looks scrumptious!