Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knitting Update

How about a knitting update?
I finished front #1 of my Bloody Mary Cardigan:
It looks impossibly skinny, I know.  But the left edge is rolling under.  And it will stretch when I block it.  Fingers crossed.  That one went fast and now I'm on to front #2.

I told you in a previous post that I have a new shawl obsession.  Here it is:
It is the Calico Shawl and is in the KnitScene Summer 2013 magazine.  That picture is blurry so you can go to that link to see a better picture.  I don't love the points being so pointy (my mom said it looked like bat wings with the points), so I would block mine to be not-as-pointy.  My yarn shop friend Janell showed this to me and I loved the lace pattern in it.  Then she asked if I would teach it as a class.  Sooooo, I have to knit it to see if I can teach it.  Here is the yarn I picked out:
Those are different shades of denim blue in case you can't see it (shocker - my picture taking skills....).  I was all proud of myself to be using some of my stash until I realized I didn't have enough of any one color so I had to go buy another skein.  Whatever.  But here's the other thing:  Now I really really really want to knit it in a pinky/peachy color like the pattern picture because it looks so springy/summery and pretty.  The blue is nice, but no springy/summery pretty.  I have no pinky peachy yarn.  Yet.

I'll tell you in another post  about my NEXT yarny obsession.... (this has GOT to stop. or slow down.)

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  1. I love your Bloody Mary Cardigan, the Calico Shawl looks very hard especially for me who likes to knit in front of the TV
    I would guess no TV watching with that pattern
    It would be great in pink though