Thursday, April 25, 2013

Done and About to be Begun

 Wow, that was a fast knit.  Started Sunday, finished the final two rows and the bind off today because I was too tired to finish them last night.   Still needs to be blocked which is why some parts look wonky.  Again, this is Milo and I used Cascade UltraPima (100% cotton).  I would totally make this again. It's so cute, has several different options for that cable detail, AND comes in sizes newborn to 6 years.  So, if my doodlebug likes it, I can make it for her for the next 4 birthdays.

About to be Begun:
 This will be for my other little doodlebug friend.  The pattern calls for it to be knit with a front and a back, and seamed together.  I'm going to attempt to knit it in the round until the armholes, then separate for the back and front.  Ha.  Messing with the pattern.  I'll let you know how that goes....

Gorgeous, gorgeous day here on Tuesday.  73 degrees. Sunny and comfortable.  Finally.  And finally the daffodils near the crocuses are starting to bloom and they look beautiful near each other:
 The daffodils in the other bed came out days ago.  I think these didn't come out because the car house (trailer) was parked in the way, blocking the sun.  That got moved two days ago -- and now big time racing preparations have begun.  More on that later...

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