Monday, April 22, 2013

Bloody Mary Update

During the drive home from Virginia, I got almost a whole front done on my Bloody Mary Cardigan:
As I was nearing the top, almost done, I noticed something several inches back.  Can you see it?:
Here, let me point it out to you.  Look what's in the yellow circle and compare it to what is in the pink circle:
Argh! A messed up cable cross.  I purled some stitches off the cable needle, instead of knitting them, and it left a little "blip".  And here is what I'm going to do about it: nothing.  It is on the front and near the top and in a spot most likely seen, so these would all be the exact reasons to fix it.  But I just can't stand the idea of ripping back all those rows to re-do them.  It's just not important to me to have a "perfect" sweater.  I think in the grand scheme of things, no one will realy notice.  Except all of you who are reading this.

And here are all my sweater pieces thus far:
Almost done with the first sleeve.  Which leaves one sleeve, the button bands and the collar. And then my all time favorite part, the seaming.  I totally can't wait for that part. (insert sarcasm font here)

Finally, this guy/girl was back the other day:
We think it is a common snapping turtle and read up a little about them.  It's likely it was disrupted from its other home and may be looking for a new home.  We had no idea where it could have come from, but there is a little stream that runs across the street, then under our street and along our property.  Maybe it will be setting up it's new home in our pond.... then it could eat some of the million salamanders and frogs that are in there.


  1. Love the Bloody Mary Sweater and no one will notice! Looks great, I can't do the sewing together part, I will have to take a class on that someday!