Sunday, April 7, 2013

Late to the Party

Who knew that Crocs were so comfy?
For the longest me, I thought they were ugly and looked terribly uncomfortable even though Mario Batali wore them all the time to cook in.  I still think they are not terribly pretty. BUT. Oh. My. Gosh. They are terribly comfy!  My chiropractor suggested them as walk-around-the-house-when-I'm-not-wearing-my-sneakers-with-the-special-inserts shoes to help relieve some foot pain I've been having. 
Then he proceeded to tell me how they came about -- in a nutshell, students at a university came up with them for their dissertation with the plan to have them produced in many different countries around the world.  The teacher failed them, but I forget why.  And now they are made in all different countries anyway. Even though they "failed".
However.... when I went to try them on, I tried on a pair for my size that was way too big.  Then I tried on another pair in my size (same style) and it fit.  I looked on the bottoms and the pair that was too big was made in China and the pair that fit just right was made in Mexico.  So, apparently there isn't much consistency.  And the prices are a little ridiculous, even for the most basic ones.  I got mine on sale.
Nevertheless, I'm sooooooo happy with my Mexico-made Crocs, even though I'm late to the party in realizing it.

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  1. One week down in NaBloPoMo and you are doing great! Love your posts. How is it going for you?